The Packaging Act VerpackG of 01.2019 - explanation

Written by Julien Giusti
April 16, 2022
Verpackungslizenzen & das VerpackG: Die Erklärung

From January 1, 2019, manufacturers or distributors of packaging filled with goods who are bringing this onto the market for the first time and which typically accumulates as waste at the end consumer are obliged to register in the LUCID packaging register.

Important changes effective from July 1st, 2022

From July 1st, 2022, everyone must register in the packaging register and thus receive a license number. In the course of registration, however, you can state that you are already buying licensed goods, so that you do not have to submit annual reports. Please take care of a timely license registration of your company. Use the following website for this:

Start registration in Linz (external link)

Register and license packaging


The obligation to register applies to everyone who places packaging filled with goods, which after use typically ends up as waste with private end consumers, on the market (called "manufacturer" in the law).

The "manufacturer" is subject to registration :

Anyone who fills empty packaging, which typically reaches the private end consumer, with a product and places it on the market for the first time in Germany (initial distributor).

Thus, e.g. For example, restaurateurs who sell food outside the home and use pizza boxes, for example, place packaging on the market and must register and participate in a so-called dual system to ensure proper disposal of packaging waste.


Accordingly, every manufacturer must register in the packaging register of the Central Office and submit a report in advance for the year as to how much packaging is put into circulation.


Manufacturers are free to collect the packaging from the end consumer and dispose of it themselves. However, since very few can do this, there is an obligation to participate in a dual system that takes over the disposal. Licensed goods are billed by the kilo and paid for in advance for the year.

Special feature of service packaging

Fully meet all the requirements of the Packaging Act quickly and easily without a license partner:

For service packaging, packaging can be licensed and registered further up the supply chain, which means that we, as your supplier, can register and license the packaging. You only have to register once in the packaging register.

    1. Register in the Lucid packaging register, nothing has to be paid for this etc. you can indicate when registering that you are already buying licensed packaging from your supplier.

    2. In the shopping cart you can also choose that you want to pay for the packaging license for VerpackG according to the weight of the products in the shopping cart

    3. As proof that the products have been licensed, we explicitly state on the invoice that all products are licensed and that all the requirements of the Packaging Act have been complied with. In the event of an inspection, simply show our invoice.

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