Golden rules for designing your pizza boxes

The differences between traditional and modern printing techniques have diminished as technology has advanced, but there are still limits to the type of prints that can be produced using each method.

Explain the limitations of our digital presses I will tell you below so that there are no nasty surprises after the order.


Large, monochromatic areas

The print head contains the tiny ink nozzles that are used to print your design onto the paper. The printhead nozzles are prone to clogging from the smallest paper fibers. Where fibers accumulate, the nozzles become clogged and elongated strips are formed. The stripes are particularly noticeable on monochrome backgrounds.

Since this does not correspond to the usual Buongiusti quality, we unfortunately cannot accept orders with such designs or have to adapt them.


Use "living" subjects

Even if monochrome backgrounds are often used in designs, we recommend not using them at all. Instead, use a "lively" background with more variety, because the stripes are hardly noticeable here. Or you completely do without a colored background.

Customization of Orders

If you placed an order with a large area of ​​color, we are happy to adjust the print file free of charge so that we can work around the problem with the stripes directly. We remove the color background for free and also adjust the logo etc. accordingly:

Removing the colored area
Adaptation to light background