From the pizza to the employee

Recruiting with a difference!

Putting job ads on pizza boxes is a cheap and above all creative way to reach a wide audience of potential applicants.

This type of marketing is particularly useful when you want to reach people who are not actively looking for a job but are open to new opportunities.

The benefits for you

  • Posting job vacancies on pizza boxes makes it possible to reach a wide audience of potential applicants, particularly those who are not actively looking for a job.

  • This type of marketing is inexpensive and makes it possible to address specific target groups.

  • Since pizza often comes in a eaten in a group, the job advertisement on the pizza box has the opportunity to reach several people at the same time.

Digital printing: Unlimited possibilities when designing pizza boxes

One advantage of our offer is that the pizza boxes can be designed completely freely. We use modern digital printing machines that allow us to easily print any design and image onto the boxes. This gives you the flexibility to present your job openings in a way that works best for your company and your target audience. We can help you with the design and advise you to ensure that your advertising on the pizza box is as effective as possible.

This is what characterizes the Buongiusti advertising box:

In a hurry?
3 days - that's all we need!

With our high-speed printing technology, we can print promotional boxes in just a few days. This means you never have to worry about your ad campaign not being ready on time again!

Advertise in a variety of ways with several gastro partners

Why shouldn't you have several hospitality partners to spread your advertising? We'll help you choose the right ones for you.

We support you with our ideas

Make your campaign a hit with our pizza box advertising expertise.

State-of-the-art printers

Style and creativity are priceless! That's why we enable you to print not only text but also images on our pizza boxes. With this great addition, your promotion will be even more stylish than ever!

Changing motives

With our modern digital printers you can print changing motifs to make important messages more memorable. This is useful if you want to spread information across several pizza boxes in an advertising campaign to increase customer recognition!


We work with you to create a customized advertising plan that fits your needs and budget, and help you find the right candidates for your open positions. Don't wait - take the first step and contact us now!

Advantages of pizza advertising

Tasty reasons for your next pizza campaign with Buongiusti

Encourages a job change

Approach your competitor's unhappy employees and offer them the opportunity of a lifetime. Use this opportunity and present your company as the next employer!

QR extension of the ad

Job seekers will love applying to your jobs with a QR code while eating. You can easily submit your application online and eat something at the same time!

Your advertising in focus

Why waste your time with small ads when we can cheaply create a large-scale campaign that easily rivals the reach of internet advertising?

Long contact time

Pizza lovers take about 20 minutes for their pizza. This gives them enough time to see your ad and think about your ad.

Job and name advertising

The advertising boxes are always successful in placing their advertising, regardless of whether the pizza customer is looking for a job. After all, this box offers both job and name advertising!

Advertise specifically in your postcode area

With this new marketing strategy, you can target potential employees who live in your region. This ensures that your promotional message is only delivered to those who are potentially interested in employment at your company - and that means better results!

Conversion-focused designs for your marketing

Buongiusti templates for your campaign

Your campaign is important to us and we want to help you succeed! We know designing a job box can be challenging, which is why our graphic designers have many years of experience. With their help, your company will have an optimal job search design in no time. Do not hesitate and contact us today so that we can create a perfect design for you as soon as possible.

Contact us:

Phone or WhatsApp: 02191 6084367

Information about the process

1. Contact us

Nothing is more individual than your recruiting process, so it is most efficient if we clarify details personally. It is best to use the contact form below this text block!

2. Define advertising region & layout

We will discuss with you in which region you would like to advertise and create the first drafts for your advertising box.

2.5 Finding catering partners

If we were to coordinate the layout with you, we are looking for catering partners in your region. The catering partners will distribute your boxes in the desired region.

3. Print & deliver pizza boxes

As soon as we have finalized the layout and found enough gastro partners, the pizza boxes can be printed and sent to the restaurateurs.

4. Reach more applicants

Now comes the most exciting part for you: Your advertisement will be filled with delicious pizza and delivered into the hands of thousands of people! This is how you reach all job hungry people in your region.

collection of ideas

Be inspired by our design suggestions.